We are a Non profit Organization dedicated to empowering orphans to reach their full potentials. We know that miracles happen when we bring those who have and those who have not, so we offer fulfilling and tangible help to orphans. The Organization is more concerned about raising standards of living and expectations of Orphans, The Destitute and The Widows among us. The foundation accommodates orphans and widows irrespective of their religion and ethnic background. The Orphans live in the orphanage while the widows come for regular counseling, prayers and gifts every second and last Thursdays of each month. Through this medium the organization have being able to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the widows. Our doors remain wide and open to orphans and widows across board. Together with our supporters we fund scholarships for education, transform orphaned children, train displaced women and widows to become cherished mothers. We don’t stop there but also lead with a heart but carefully measure with the head. For every child we support, we systematically measure progress based on the 12 rights of a child. This way, donors can clearly see the impact their investment makes.

We believe that all children have a right to a good and healthy childhood, quality education and an opportunity to a promising future. This is why we need everyone to join in and be the miracle these orphans and widows are hoping for. They deserve a better future like any of us.

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our mission

To work for widows and orphans who suffer disability and to provide educational facilities to those neglected by the society so they can grow and be responsible in our nation.

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Our aim is to educate and satisfy the needs of the orphans and widows, to make them responsible and productive citizens in the future without forgetting their origin.

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About Funder

Mrs. Charity Okeke hails from south east Nigeria. Her veering into charity works necessaitated by a divine voice which came as an unclear instruction, The repeated calling and occasional prophecies from anointed individuals eventually demystified the divine direction. This happened while Mrs. Charity Okeke served in another Orphanage home dispensing kindness and love to the needy. She was at that point a canvasser for that organization. Her initial confusion when the vision for her to start a new life resulted from the fact that she was a born again, fire brand Christian with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. She wondered what other life or new ways she was asked to initiate. But certain twists and turn of life compelled her to quit her ones lucrative personal business to hearken unto the call to serve God and humanity in another dimension. This obedience marked the advent of Charitas Orphanage and Widowhood Foundation (CHOWF), in the year 2009, the month of October. Since 2009, the organization began to cater for the destitute and orphaned of our society. Till today Charitas Orphanage and Widowhood Foundation has taken the needy out of their worlds of sheer hopelessness through divine insights of the mandated visioner Charity Okeke